10 Best Gym Hairstyles That Can Withstand Even the Toughest of Workouts

Going to the gym and only knowing the ponytail? How to choose an easy Hairstyles for the Gym?

Every exquisite girl can pick the best hairstyle according to the sport!
Although every time I finish my exercise, I have just experienced a fierce battle. I
have already lost my hair and my hair is messy. But girls who really have sports will

definitely understand that hair is really important so that you can concentrate on sports.

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1.Daily basic training

Most girls will like to straighten their hair, do not need to go through too many
shapes, but have a casual beauty, but also very suitable for girls with more hair. If
you are worried that your forehead hair is short and easy to scatter, you can also use
tweezers to enhance fixation, and you can add style, suitable for daily basic basic
training or weight training courses.

Ponytails @kristin_ess
Top Knot
Top Knot @tashimrod







































2. Intermittent or cardiopulmonary exercise

If you are worried about sweating and your hair will stick to your body and feel
uncomfortable, Baotou is the best choice for girls who love sports. In addition to the
basic ball heads, you can also create variability by layering or tying them into bows,
suitable for sports that are more sweaty and cardio, such as dancing, aerobic dance,
boxing or HIIT.





Hidden Braid-@lacyredway

Rope Braid
Rope Braid @negin_mirsalehi

3. Outdoor running or jumping

If you are a smart girl with both hands, you can try the twists; not only when you go
out to wear, but also when you wear it, you are engaged in more jumping sports or
outdoor running, neat and cool. Xiao Bian tried the best way of braiding, each time
with a running hairstyle, because in the strenuous exercise, it can also avoid the
discomfort when the hair is pulled, and at the same time can fix the forehead or the
shorter level on both sides.
This classic two-braid style is brilliant for even the most strenuous of activities

Braided Pigtails
Braided Pigtails @Frederiquebrons
Braided Pigtails @jastookes
Braided Pigtails @jastookes
Braided-Pigtails @nemeyujj

4. Lightweight exercise

If you are engaged in a sport that is lighter in yoga or Pilates, or even an outdoor
mountain walker, you don’t need to worry too much about the messy hair caused by
jumping or big movements. You can use a low ponytail or playful scorpion. The most
sporty style adds points.


Braided-Low-Ponytail @nemeyujj

do you get it?