15+ Gorgeous Jelly Toe Nail Designs For Honeymoon Holiday From Korea

Marriage ceremony is the most beautiful time for a girl. The bride must be beautiful from head to toe, even including her finger nails design and toe nails design!

Have you heard Sour Candy often recently? This new song created by LadyGaga and BLACKPINK has a sexy melody and is super nice. JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, and LISA also appear in various TV shots and magazines from time to time. Korean style has become a trend in more and more countries. Nails art is either no exception.

On the wedding day, the bride is undoubtedly the focus of the audience. Whether it’s clothing, makeup, jewelry, holding flowers…every item is infinitely magnified in the eyes of the guests.
Usually everyone pays attention to bridal manicure and ignores foot nails. The toenail is also an essential part of the perfect bride. Do you want beautiful Korean manicure? Scroll down.

Main photo from nailtam2na

I’m so entangled, should I choose yellow toenails or white toenails. Each of them is like a tailor-made toe for me.


The pure color series will look bigger and clearer. It will be more versatile when matched with wedding dresses and dresses. Pink is a color that many brides will choose, which is a bit hazy and sweet. Whether it is nude pink, skin pink, bean paste powder, milk pink, they are all very beautiful.

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