15+ Gorgeous Jelly Toe Nail Designs For Honeymoon Holiday From Korea

    Marriage ceremony is the most beautiful time for a girl. The bride must be beautiful from head to toe, even including her finger nails design and toe nails design! Have you heard Sour Candy often recently? This new song created by LadyGaga and BLACKPINK has a sexy melody and is super nice. JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, and LISA also appear in various TV shots and magazines from time to time. Korean style has become a trend in more and more countries. Nails art is either no exception. On the wedding day, the bride is undoubtedly the focus of the audience. Whether it’s clothing, makeup, jewelry, holding flowers…every item is infinitely magnified…

  • Rose Pink Transparent Cherry Blossoms Elegant Japanese Wedding Toe Nail Art

    20 Elegant Wedding Toe Nail Designs From Japan

    Romance at your fingertips! How to choose a suitable wedding nail art? The use of Japanese elements in the wedding nail designs can be so amazing! A beautiful bouquet of flowers can make the bride the focus of the wedding.There is no doubt that the manicure hands of the beautiful girl are also one of the focus. Usually, most people ignore foot care. As everyone knows, foot pedicure is still one of the focal points of the wedding. White and translucent skin is not only a test for beautiful girls, but the selection of bright colors on their fingertips is equally important. How should the color of the bride’s nails…